Studio Janet Vollebregt

Quinta do Amado

architecture, natural reserve project

Costa Vicentinha, Algarve, Portugal

Landscaping and Architectural Project, 2015-2018

In Portugal, I have been location hunting in order to create a European, smaller version of the holistic Casa Alto Paraiso Project. I found and bought an abandoned ruin on the edge of natural park ‘Costa Vicentinha’. For two years I worked together with local architect Rui Aires on the design of the refurbishment for the ruin, and on the sustainable development of the 3,5 ha land. Rui was involved for his knowledge refurbishing Portuguese monuments, on local building legislation and techniques techniques and AutoCAD drafting. I was occupied with landscaping, molding the architectural design, honoring Portuguese traditions, but creating a more modern aesthetic, lay out and materialization of the interior.

Three sorts of water sources were created on this dry land, sometimes threatened by fire in the long dry season. The old water-well was cleaned, a new water-well was drilled, and together with the neighbor water from the local municipality was installed. The sustainable design of the project has been approved by the national park within a year. After approval of the project, I decided to sell the project to a lover of nature, in order to have more focus on less projects and especially focus on my art work projects.