Studio Janet Vollebregt

Vale da Lua

architecture, Natural Reserve Project

Vale da Lua, Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brasil, 2016 - present

Architectural and Natural Reserve Project

Together with the owners of a large stretch of land at the edges of Brazilian National Park Chapada dos Veadeiros, I am developing the master plan for a small sustainable private resort. The land is located in Vale da Lua, by the edges of the river and is divided in 15 plots of each around 1500m2. My idea is to build a sustainable ‘lego-box’ that can be used to create various types of houses. Each house can be shaped by using a different selection of pieces from the sustainable toolbox, but together the houses will still communicate one green design language. The project is still in an early stage. I am taking my time to study prefab dome and roof structures, that can be placed as a shelter in nature, but that can also easily be removed, and thus have minimal impact on nature.