Studio Janet Vollebregt



Trained as an architect, accomplished in eastern philosophies and evolving as an artist, Janet Vollebregt approaches both art and architecture as expressions that should nurture the human environment. 


Studio Janet Vollebregt is founded after years of international experience with projects and commissions in art, architecture and interior design. 

Studio Janet Vollebregt creates ‘spheres’ that range in scale from artworks, ritual performances and creative concepts to the design of nurturing spaces and environments. Largest scale works are site-specific projects, such as Casa Alto Paraiso, a natural reserve architecture project in Brazil. Nature and its forces play an important role and the studio adopts a sustainable approach to its creations. 

Studio Janet Vollebregt intervenes in space by dressing down to the essential, focusing on a harmonious distribution of functions and objects, offering fluid ways of using space supporting a healthy flow of vital energy.



Float Spa
UN Studios
Goverment Real estate Company
Agricultural University Wageningen
Dutch Ministery of Internal Affairs
Twynstra Gudde Management Consultants
de Baak
ING Real Estate
Private Clients and Collectors
+ more


collaborations :

Pelalito65 @ ArtRio
Brasília Palace Hotel, Brasilia
Cristina Pessoa, Brasilia
Thermen Museum, Heerlen
Pepalito Antiquario, Brasilia
Hill House loja, Brasilia
Moon Yoga Studio, Bergen
Supperclub, Amsterdam
International Day of Peace Amsterdam
Stadswild, Amsterdam
Galeria Espaço Aberto, Alto Paraiso de Goias
Ministry of Development, Madrid



Janet Vollebregt is an architect that has been working on the creation of nurturing environments since 1994. In her early career she has played a considerate role in the innovation of work-environments, breaking open traditional structures and replacing them by an ICT supported grid of different user and activity oriented spaces, with the actual rise of nomadic workspaces as a result. 

Janet worked as strategic architect at Twijnstra Gudde in the Netherlands and DEGW in London and Sydney. She started working as an independent in 1997 to have the freedom to study the ingredients of nurturing environments more profoundly. She was invited to do a Phd. at Delft University of Technology in 1998. After a couple of months she found research rules to restrictive and stopped her Phd. to write the book CHAORDER, passion and Identity as a basis for User Oriented Architecture, together with ex-colleague Titia van den Berg. CHAORDER turned into a foundation, which also made a film and two expositions. 

On her continuous search for the ingredients of nurturing environment, since 1994 Janet has emerged deeply in Eastern Wisdom Traditions. She visited Buddhist cultures for 10 years, studied various lineages of Buddhism and Meditation, Yoga, Chinese Feng Shue and Japanese Jin Shin Jyutsu. 

In 2005 an assignment brought Janet to the inlands of Brazil, where she lived and worked for 10 years together with her partner Xavier de Bode, building and reforesting with native people, examining nurturing environments in close relation to wild nature. In this period she started experimenting with the creation nurturing objects of art and their influence on wellbeing and consciousness. Up until this day, she still runs the 22 ha Casa Alto Paraíso project in Brazil, with the aim to be able to continuously protect nature, water-wells, and native knowledge of the use of plants and to support the lives of the native people working here. The place attracts more and more artists and hopes to grow into a retreat centre and artist residence. In 2016 she did her first solo exhibition called Art.Chi.Textures in Galeria Galeria Espaço Aberto, Alto Paraiso de Goias. Interest in the workings of consciousness and wellbeing also led to the creation of the first Float Centre in South America. Here she and Xavier coached people in their self-assessment though floatation in the sensory deprivation tank.

End of 2016 Janet returned to the Netherlands and founded Studio Janet Vollebregt, working on international projects on the cross roads of Architecture, Art and the Humanities. Janet holds a Masters Degree in Architecture and a Masters degree in Innovation in Management of the Built Environment from Delft University of Technology. She holds an equivalent Degree at Universidade Nacional de Brasília. She is a Feng Shue Consultant trained by the Chinese Dr. Jes.T.Lim. Janet is a Mentor in the Japanese healing Art Jin Shin Jyutsu. She has worked, built, lectured and exposed in many countries, with a focus on the Netherlands and Brazil.